Traveloptions Powers the Holiday Store`s Breakthrough

The Holiday Store has announced it has witnessed a ten-fold increase in bookings generated through
, following the implementation of a breakthrough XML link developed by systems supplier TravelOptions.

, one of the UK`s fastest-growing tour operator systems providers, has created a breakthrough solution which distributes The Holiday Store`s live package holiday availability in real-time through - so responding to operators` clamour for direct links to big-name websites.

The XML solution additionally bypasses viewdata, used by many operators as the background booking engine for selling through web portals, which has meant many operators pay networking costs for online searches when no booking is made.

Bookings received by operators taking the XML solution are now made directly on each company`s TravelOption`s server - reducing overheads, and making it easier for small and medium size players to sell online.


Additionally, the TravelOptions` solution for The Holiday Store automated what was previously a manual process of supplying availability and taking bookings
- saving the operator both time and money.

Neville Wyn, managing director of The Holiday Store said: “TravelOptions` XML link to has created a powerful new distribution channel for us, dramatically increasing the number of bookings we`re receiving through the website. Our low initial investment cost has already repaid itself many times over, and we have been able to move five people originally required to manage online sales to more productive roles in the company.”

Tim Argent, TravelOptions` marketing director commented: “Bookings from web portals are seen by operators as possibly the most significant opportunity for growth in the current market, but companies using viewdata as the background booking engine are incurring network costs even for mere searches carried out by web users. Our XML link bypasses the need for viewdata while speeding up the booking process, so creating a dynamic, cost effective new marketplace for operators.”

He continued: “There is extreme interest in the industry about the potential of XML. TravelOptions is responding to the demand by launching the first solution allowing operators to sell through portals - creating a proven and low-cost route to market that enables operators to grow business at a difficult time for the industry. We see this as a key growth area for TravelOptions and will be announcing the development of many new XML solutions for the sector in the coming months.”

Despite operators` keenness to sell through web portals, many systems suppliers currently quote over £100,000 for XML connectivity alone. For less that a tenth of this figure, operators can take TravelOptions` XML link, which must be purchased as part of the full TravelOptions` system, comprising a complete reservations and administration platform, and a further upgrade of real-time bookings through operator`s own websites.

TravelOptions is one of the UK`s fastest-growing tour operator systems providers
and offers a raft of cost-effective distribution routes for specialist, small, and medium sized operators that take the TravelOptions system.

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