Priceline Web Site Hosts Exclusive Out-Takes From Latest William Shatner TV Commercials

Ah, the gems that end up on the cutting room floor.
For the first time, William Shatner fans can catch their hero in a series of video out-takes that
(R)- is making available on its Web site.

The out-takes are from`s new “Super Computer” TV advertising campaign that launched September 16. In the out-takes, Shatner hams it up with the camera and the script, taking his performance where no pitchman has gone before. For those who want to see the final product, also has the entire first commercial available for online viewing.

The launch of the “Super Computer” campaign coincides with`s Fall 2002 Airline Tickets Super Sale. The sale, where travelers can save up to 50 percent or more on U.S. and international flights, is going on now and extends through October 16.

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