Agentware & Neat Group Team Technology Alliance

, the leading provider of Web
fare search technology to the travel industry, and Neat Group, Inc.
the industry leader in dynamic packaging and merchant model technology for
travel suppliers and agents, announced today a partnership to distribute
NeatAgent(tm) within AgentWare`s Travel Console(tm). 
(Caption: Les Ottolenghi, CEO and
co-founder of AgentWare)

Travel agents using
AgentWare`s Travel Console will have the ability to buy dynamically produced
packages of travel products including air, car and hotel via NeatAgent
technology.  These packages are produced based on the search criteria
entered into Travel Console by the travel agent.  For example, a travel
agent servicing a client from New York to Los Angeles may need air fare,
hotel accommodation and rental car.  Travel Console`s real-time search of
over 29 Web sites along with NeatAgent`s dynamic packaging capabilities
combines air fare with car and/or hotel, allowing travel agents to provide
not only the lowest air fare possible, but also offer additional travel
products at a nominal additional cost, passing the “package price” savings
along to their customer.

“AgentWare`s Travel Console enjoys a strong adoption rate in the travel
agency community, so it makes sense for us to join with them to put
NeatAgent in the hands of as many travel retailers as possible,” said Steve
Cossette, VP of marketing and sales and co-founder at Neat.  “The goal of
both AgentWare and Neat Group is to enable travel agents to deliver value to
their customers and make a fair profit.” 

“Integrating NeatAgent inside of Travel Console enhances the value of our
product to travel agency customers,” states Les Ottolenghi
, CEO and
co-founder of AgentWare.  “More importantly, NeatAgent and Travel Console
allow travel agents to provide their clients products and services that are
not available elsewhere.”

NeatAgent is the only real-time packaging engine and merchant model system
that empowers travel agents to set their own markups on any combination of
air, car and hotel service with one click, book prepaid, attractively priced
packages, add travel insurance and receive markup payments automatically.
NeatAgent is also the only product that allows travel agents to define a
flexible preset markup on packages, add variable service fees and take
additional time-of-sale markups in one simple transaction. Markups are
included in the package price and hidden to the client, the service fee and
insurance are listed separately and can be seen on the client receipt. The
entire transaction is electronic and billed as a single charge to the agency
client by NeatAgent.  All the travel agent markups and fees are paid
automatically into their Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) bank account
and appear as credit memos on their ARC sales report.  Leading name brand
suppliers available in NeatAgent include the major U.S. air carriers, over
3,300 hotels and over 570 car rental locations.  More than 1,100 markets are
served within the United States - far more than through traditional travel
package products.

The AgentWare Travel Console is a Web fare search tool dedicated to
enhancing the value provided by travel agents. Travel agencies can track and
report on Web bookings made via the Travel Console through adapters to
popular back-office systems. Customer profiles and Super PNRs can be created
and stored using the Travel Console, enabling travel agents to track
customer purchases and service transactions made with Web-based vendors.
New administrative features allow agency managers to add, delete and manage
user accounts, as well as set global search parameters for their entire
organization.  Streaming results now provide instant information to travel
consultants, decreasing wait time and increasing efficiency.


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