ATA Thanksgiving Travel Tips

PRNewswire WASHINGTON Nov. 20 :

In preparation for Thanksgiving and the busy holiday travel season, the
Air Transport Association (ATA) offers passengers some smart travel tips
to prepare for the holidays.
Thanksgiving is the busiest season of the year for air travelers, with the
Sunday following the holiday being the busiest air travel day of the year.
The airlines have been gearing up for months and recommend that passengers
plan ahead, arrive at the airport early, and travel smart by using
self-serve airport kiosks or airline Web sites to check-in and print
boarding passes. Travelers can then proceed directly to government
security check-points, and on to their airline gates for departures.

“Increased government security at our nation`s airports will almost
certainly cause delays for holiday travelers,” said James C. May,
president and CEO, Air Transport Association, which represents U.S.
airlines and cargo carriers. “As a result, we believe it`s important to
plan ahead, get to the airport early and travel smart. Give yourself an
hour more than usual to get through the federal government screening
process, and take advantage of airline Web sites to check-in online and
print out your boarding passes. Self-serve, check-in kiosks at airports
also can speed the departure process for people checking bags.”

May also said U.S. airlines will be deploying all hands to assist
travelers during the holidays. “Everyone expects delays, but the fewer
there are, the better the travel experience.”

To help travelers, ATA offers the following smart travel tips:


Ten Smart Travel Tips from the Air Transport Association

1.  Allow an extra hour to get through airport parking, check-in and government screening

  2.  Travel smart by using airline Web sites or use airport kiosks to
own boarding passes

  3.  Consider a single carry-on travel bag, particularly parents with
young kids, with extra food, medicine and toys

  4.  Be prepared to show a government I.D. and a printed boarding pass at
government security check-points

  5.  Be aware that jokes regarding security issues are no laughing matter
and will be taken seriously by screeners

  6.  Pack smart, leaving all gifts unwrapped.  Leave prohibited items at
home.  Screeners will search all bags

  7.  Tag all your bags with your name, phone and address—both outside
and inside your luggage

  8.  Place your medicine, cash, jewelry, passports, visas and other
valuables in your carry-on baggage

  9.  Government screening goes faster if you wear slip-on shoes, and avoid
wearing metal objects

  10.  Keep an eye on your luggage at all times and never carry bags or
gifts packed by a stranger
In addition to the airlines` suggested travel tips, ATA recommends that
passengers visit the TSA`s Web site to review the current security travel
tips, including prohibited and permitted items in the aircraft cabin.
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