Kevyn Lettau Sings the Joys of PAL

International jazz artist Kevyn Lettau lends her mellifluous voice and classy image to Philippine Airlines in a new commercial for the flag carrier.

The 30-second spot will initially air on inflight programs and later, on television screens across the country and Asia-Pacific.

Shot under the direction of PAL Advertising and Promotions manager Jess Garcia, the commercial opens with Lettau in a living room by a piano, singing her signature song Sunlight as a dazzling ray pours through the window in the background.

She then reminisces about experiences to “cherish for life,” such as the natural warmth of Filipinos, depicted in a typical barkada (gang) of young professionals on a night out.

And, inevitably, there`s the pitch for PAL: “The graciousness…the comfort…the care…the experience” of the airline are just some of the attributes Lettau mentions.


The commercial ends with the singer humming the PAL jingle as her image fades out and a PAL aircraft, cruising the clear skies, hovers into view.

The overall effect is uplifting, says Garcia.  “In a scant 30 seconds, Lettau is able to convey the strengths of the PAL brand - warm, caring, dependable.  These qualities come with experience and PAL has loads of that.”

Lettau`s own presence resonates strongly with both Filipino and international audiences.  The Californian has been an exponent of the melodious “smooth jazz” sound for over a decade, starting out with jazz greats Peter Sprague and Sergio Mendes, whose Brasil `88 band she was the lead vocalist for, and continuing with her turn as a solo performer.

Her best-known songs include the classic Bridges, Far Away, Simple Life and the luminous Sunlight, which has achieved near-anthem status among local jazz aficionados.

Writes music critic William Grim: “...the purity of Kevyn Lettau`s voice shines through brilliantly.  It is a voice that has few rivals anywhere on the jazz and pop scenes today.”
A frequent Manila visitor, Lettau is a longtime PAL customer, which helped when she was tapped to become the airline`s newest endorser.  Though not the first time she has starred in a commercial, this shoot was perhaps the most satisfying she has done.

“It was fun!  It`s easy to do something that you believe in, so when I speak of PAL`s gracious service, I truly mean that.