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America West`s Fare Restructuring

While other airlines continue to experiment with fare tests in select markets, America West Airlines (NYSE: AWA) offers its business-friendly low fares and ticketing policies every day on every flight nationwide. America West is the only major, hub-and-spoke airline to completely restructure its fares.

“We have seen other airlines introduce and test lower fares for the business traveler but only America West has done a complete overhaul of its pricing structure,” said Scott Kirby, executive vice president, sales and marketing. “Other airlines have not committed to the nationwide structure that America West offers and only offer reductions on select routes in addition to still imposing restrictions on ticketing policies.

“America West has revolutionized pricing in response to today`s business traveler`s demands. We were the first to introduce lower fares last March and remain committed to providing affordable fares. We`ve taken an innovative approach to meeting customers` needs and their response has been tremendous. We continue to look for new ways to meet their needs including the current test of our of `Buy on Board` meal service program.”

America West offers the value of flexibility and affordability including a reasonable price no matter when or where customers fly, reasonable advance- purchase requirements, no requirements for a Saturday-night stay and allowing customers the flexibility to change their plans or fly standby for free.

An example comparing America West`s fares to United`s new fares, shows that customers traveling between Chicago and Los Angeles can save 70 percent by flying America West versus United. When a business traveler purchases his tickets seven days in advance he`ll pay $179 each way on America West compared to $599 each way on United. If that same business traveler purchases his ticket at the last minute he will still save 70 percent versus the price on United Airlines.


“As the only major, full-service airline to offer a flexible pricing structure nationwide with no Saturday night stay requirement and one-way fares 40 to 70 percent lower, America West has become the airline of choice for travelers who expect the most value without sacrificing flexibility,” said Kirby. “America West is the easiest airline to do business with. It starts with a simple pricing structure, followed by sensible, business-friendly rules.”