Gulf Air Announces New Management System

Gulf Air, the flagship carrier of Bahrain, Oman Qatar and Abu Dhabi has selected Airline Information Management System (AIMS) following a comprehensive market study which will be implemented in the Summer of 2002.  AIMS is a complete , fully developed integrated Windows/NT client server-based crew Management System.
“A great deal of time has gone into ensuring that the design of this system will assist Gulf Air Management in improving efficiency and operational productivity whilst promoting flight safety, minimising crew fatigue and enhance crew morale” said Peter Weiss, Vice President Operations.
“Gulf Air’s flight deck and cabin crew will benefit when this system is launched in the Summer of 2002 as it will make available individual crew rosters by accommodating crew preferences” added Peter Weiss
” We are confident that Gulf Air has chosen a system which is best suited to our needs and requirements, in order expand and evolve from being manual to become automated one.” Concluded Peter Weiss.