Carry On At The Double

Air travellers will be able to carry double the current amount of hand baggage when they fly on British Airways Club World services next year.

The new allowance marks one element of a massive programme of improvements throughout the airline for the 21st century, in the things that matter most to customers.

Research among regular fliers revealed that one of their main demands was to be able to make better use of their time - including being able to travel without hold baggage saving precious minutes at both ends of the journey.

And British Airways has met this demand - from January 3, passengers will be able to carry a total of 18kg (40lbs) of baggage - an increase from 9kg.

Cindy Allam, General Manager Global Service Standards, said: ” For business passengers time is money and they want to carry all their bags including their laptop and briefcase with them. “


To make sure the extra bags could be carried safely was a major challenge and involved making actual changes to the stowage areas on the airline’s fleet of 747-400 aircraft. Additional overhead locker and wardrobe space will also be provided when cabins are upgraded to the new Club World configuration, starting next year.

The upper deck wardrobes have been strengthened and new roller bins fitted, allowing easier stowage and retrieval of bags as well as more space.

Passengers have also been advised that this new 18kg total weight must be split between two separate items - the first similar to a garment bag/suit carrier or ‘wheelie’ bag and the second a computer/briefcase.

Chris Allin, Brand Manager Club World, said: ” This is just one of a range of exciting new products and customer services initiatives which passengers will see appearing over the next few months designed to put the airline at the very forefront of the industry”.

Around 140, 000 passengers chose to fly British Airways Club World last month.