Sunny Side Up For Brits Abroad

British holidaymakers will not miss out on the great British breakfast this Christmas. British Airways will fly an eggstravaganza of 100,000 eggs and 250,000 rashers of bacon to feed the Brit abroad.

Commenting on the shipment, Denis Connoly, British Airways World Cargo General Manager Regions, said: “We’re delighted to bring a little bit of home to the British holidaymaker while they’re sunning themselves all over the world.” Grand Cayman is expecting the largest consignment of bacon and eggs so a British breakfast will be over-easy to find there!

With a record half a million passengers set to jet away in the build-up to Christmas and the new millennium, top of the poll for festive holidays are New York, Los Angeles, Johannesburg and Grenada, with Paris and Madrid leading the European destinations. For those dreaming of a more traditional Christmas Belfast is proving the most popular domestic destination, with ten extra services layed on to cope with the festive demand.

And if cooking Christmas dinner seems a daunting task, spare a thought for British Airways which will bring seasonal cheer to a record number of passengers this festive season by serving some 100,000 turkey dinners with four and a half tonnes of sprouts, two tonnes of carrots and 300 gallons of gravy, followed by some 135,000 mince pies and 17,000 Christmas puddings.

Nearly 80 million letters and cards will be carried to destinations all over the world uniting friends and families during the festive season.