United Implements Corporate Solutions

United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) yesterday announced it will implement Corporate Solutions, a contract management system for corporate sales agreements that provides the tools to track, analyze and generate contracts as well as issue reports for improved contract financial performance, higher market share, and better customer communications. The system should reduce sales administrative time, improve deal performance and establish a win-win collaborative relationship with customers.

“We believe that share-based measurement of our corporate volume agreements versus revenue based is the way the industry has to go,” said United President Rono Dutta. “We have communicated our plans to many of our key customers and several stakeholders. They understand that United has a unique opportunity for changing the way this part of the business is done, in a positive way. We believe Corporate Solutions is the centerpiece of a suite of enhancements to our way of doing business that will benefit our customers and us.”

The system will provide benefits both for United and its customers. Some of these include the ability to determine companies` true share performance even if multiple agencies are used. Corporate Solutions will show a more accurate picture of customers` purchasing patterns and therefore provide the ability to model the terms of the agreement. Customers will also receive monthly reports that describe the status of their deals. They will be able to receive cost savings reports that will provide the customer with information to better manage their travel policies.

Technology for Corporate Solutions is provided by PRISM Group, Inc. PRISM is a global, technology company specializing in information systems and consulting for the travel industry. PRISM`s mission is to equip customers with expert systems and know-how to enable them to achieve their information objectives. PRISM adheres to the Safe Harbor provisions defined by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

United Airlines offers about 1,700 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. News releases and other information about United Airlines can be found at the company`s website, www.united.com.