Air Canada and Thai Airways International Extend Network Between Canada and Thailand

Air Canada and Thai Airways International
(THAI) announced last week an expansion of their networks between Canada and
Thailand. Effective for travel beginning March 1, 2002, the two Star Alliance
partners are expanding services on a codeshare basis between Toronto, Montreal
and Bangkok - the Asian carrier`s main hub and gateway to all of southeast
Asia. The routings over London Heathrow represent among the fastest travel
times from Toronto and Montréal to Bangkok at 20 hrs 45 mins and 22 hrs 45
mins, respectively.

“The introduction of codeshare services with our valued Star Alliance
partner, THAI, improves access for our customers to Thailand and all of
southeast Asia,” said Marc Rosenberg, Vice President, Sales and Product
Distribution. “Moreover, a transatlantic routing via Europe provides the
shortest elapsed travel time from eastern Canada to Bangkok, gateway city to
THAI`s extensive network.”

“Together with our Star Alliance partner, we offer customers the
convenience of through check-in, and reciprocal Royal Orchid Plus and Aeroplan
benefits, including lounge access and mileage accumulation that qualifies
toward top tier status,” said Tasnai Sudasna, THAI`s Executive Vice President,
Commercial, “We look forward to pursuing further opportunities to expand
services, including those over the Pacific, with Air Canada in the future.”

The codeshare flights, subject to government approval, allow for
excellent connections at THAI`s main hub in Bangkok to the carrier`s extensive
network serving all of Thailand and southeast Asia including Vietnam,
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Air Canada offers
THAI customers at Toronto and Montreal convenient access to all of North