New Booking Tool from Worldspan

Worldspan today announces the latest e-commerce travel-booking product to be
interfaced to the Worldspan system, Vinet Internet Booking Engine. 
IBE, developed by Vinet Global, is an innovative, off-the-shelf, Internet
booking engine that facilitates availability searches, bookings,
cancellations and time schedules for flights, hotels and car rentals.  The
product is being marketed to traditional and online travel agencies across
Europe and has already won business in the UK, Hungary and Romania.

Vinet IBE provides small to medium sized travel agents, or companies wishing
to have an online travel presence, with a fully functional web site that may
be customised and configured to suit individual requirements.  Vinet IBE can
be used to set up a stand-alone travel web site or can be inserted into the
customer`s existing site.  Customers brand their web site appearance as
desired by changing colours, images, logos and templates.

A key feature of Vinet IBE is its facility to store private fares.  A travel
agency can integrate its own private or negotiated fares into the booking
engine allowing them to display both types of fare.

Additional features include:

* Multi-lingual support - an unlimited number of languages can be
translated in real-time online

* Multi-currency capabilities

* Multiple ticketing agency support

* Saved itineraries

* Back-office administrators and reports

Tim Wright, Staff Vice President of E-commerce, EMEA, comments: “Worldspan
is constantly searching for and developing products to enable travel
agencies to truly harness the power of the Internet.  The pan-European
launch of Vinet IBE further solidifies our position as the market leader in
e-commerce for the travel industry.  Worldspan already processes more than
50 percent of all online travel agency bookings worldwide.”


Vinet IBE has been designed to work under an IIS- Microsoft NT WEB platform
and uses COM and SQL database procedures.