Airline Sales Tracker Available Through Galileo Subsidiary

Shepherd Systems, a subsidiary of
Galileo International, has announced the release of
Agentflash, an online system that provides travel agencies with market
intelligence based on Marketing Information Data Transfer (MIDT). 
is the first widely available commercial product of its kind developed
specifically for travel agencies. 
The system has been in beta test since
September 2001, and the first customer, AAA

, began using the Agentflash in
April 2002.
Agentflash provides travel agencies with access to strategic booking data
needed to move market share and other financial goals.  Travel agencies can
now better manage the override agreements they have with airlines worldwide
and maximize their ROI.  Extracted from Galileo`s systems, the agency can
review its travel sales data down to the level of individual markets, airlines
and individual outlets.  Agencies can match their market share performance on
a per-origin and destination basis with that of the airline`s overall market
share performance.  In addition, individual and market trends can be
identified and analyzed using presentation tools and historic data.
“As the industry moves to more performance based compensation models, it
is critical for agencies to have a handle on how they`re performing in real
time as much as possible,” said Glen Mac Donell, AAA Travel Data Management
and Analysis manager.  “Agentflash will help AAA and CAA clubs in targeting
key markets and enhancing program performance.”
“For years airlines have been tracking their own performance and that of
travel agencies through our increasingly sophisticated data analyses, allowing
airlines to drive their business through incentives and rewards,” said Mike
Malik, President and CEO, Shepherd Systems.  “Now, after listening closely to
and working with our valued travel agency partners, we have developed
Agentflash, which empowers them to monitor their own performance and thus
strengthen the industry model.”
“Additionally, this system also benefits the airline that provides the
incentive, because the travel agencies now have a tool that will ultimately
generate the expected and desired revenue goals set by the airline,” added
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