Amadeus Launches `Learning City` for Travel Agents

Amadeus, global technology provider to the travel industry, today announces the pilot launch of Amadeus Learning City - an interactive website providing specialised Amadeus training to travel agencies throughout the UK.

In its pilot release, Amadeus Learning City will offer a combination of self-paced and interactive learning courses designed to increase agents` knowledge and skills of the Amadeus system.  It will feature:

- A Day in the life of a travel agent which familiarises newcomers` with basic Amadeus functionality required to become operational

- CyberTeach consists of 18 mini-lessons covering most aspects of the Amadeus system

- Cruise course teaches users how to user the browser-based Amadeus Cruise booking tool


Amadeus Learning City allows customers to undertake training at their own pace whether they are a novice Amadeus user or more experienced wishing to update their knowledge of the Amadeus system.

Amadeus UK Marketing Director, Mark Lewsey
, “The introduction of Amadeus Learning City stems directly from feedback from our agency customers, all of whom face increasing pressure to maximise productivity at the same time as keeping abreast of fast-paced technology changes.  Providing the first-ever browser-based graphic training tool gives travel agents the training they need, at a time that suits them, via a stimulating web environment within which Amadeus will develop further tools”.

Amadeus Learning City is being piloted in the UK for the next six months and is available exclusively through the AgentNet portal.  Users can access the site from anywhere and remain in control of their training by setting their own pace and schedule.  The site is kept up-to-date with Amadeus enhancements, with any updates and news published via an on-line newspaper.

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