Galileo International Presents Speedy GlobalFares Software

Cendant-subsidiary Galileo International has announced that it has delivered the next generation of GlobalFares with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Fully built and implemented in December 2001, GlobalFares is a major step in the migration from mainframe technology to open systems, creating greater flexibility and cost efficiencies.

Galileo is now the only GDS with the capability of updating its fares database (via tariff data from Airline Tariff Publishing Company) and making it available to users within minutes rather than hours. So Galileo now provides airlines with the most up-to-date North American fares distribution system available, enabling them to easily and quickly implement the millions of fare and rules changes they make every day. For travel professionals, this unparalleled speed in fare updates, together with the addition of more automated rules, routing, and footnote products, means that this next generation of GlobalFares is the most accurate and comprehensive faring system available.

Specific rule categories have been added to GlobalFares to increase faring accuracy and flexibility, thereby virtually eliminating fare discrepancies. The fare-by-rule component, which allows airlines to create new prices based on their existing published fares, utilizes a higher level of automation that improves functionality when working with negotiated rates and reduces the potential for errors. This new release of GlobalFares also satisfies the unique demands of consolidator-type fares, by providing the information required to ensure correct usage. GlobalFares will also validate and enforce fares that require the passenger to fly using an electronic ticket. Other significant improvements come in the application of surcharges, which continue to have increased usage by carriers.

The GlobalFares software operates on a UNIX platform and has been designed with a high degree of flexibility to accommodate technology advances and new customer requirements.



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