AA Sponsors Biometric Testing.

American Airlines has announced that it is an official sponsor of International Biometric Group`s Comparative Biometric Testing scheduled to be completed in 2002.
?gWe look forward to reviewing the results of IBG`s evaluations, and gaining a third party perspective on the real world performance of leading biometric technologies.?h said Patrick Morin, Managing Director, at American Airlines.

IBG`s Comparative Biometric Testing, the de facto industry standard for evaluating biometrics, details the short-term and long-term enrollment and verification capabilities of finger-scan, facial-scan, voice-scan, iris-scan and other biometric solutions. IBG`s Testing also assesses user perceptions on ease-of-use, privacy and security. Round Three was completed in August, 2001 and Round Four will commence later this year.

IBG has been conducting formal biometric testing since 1998, and has gathered extensive data on the leading biometric system, including: AcSys, Advanced Precision, Ankari, AuthenTec, BES, BioPassword, Cyber-SIGN, Digital Persona, Ethentica, Identix, Iridian, Nuance, Precise Biometrics, Sagem, SecuGen, Sony, T-NETIX, Viisage and Visionics.

The strategy, technology and legality behind the creation of these global security programmes will be a significant part of the Digital Security for the Airline Industry Conference being held this June 12-13 in Washington DC.