Demand Rises for Visionics FingerPrinter CMS Systems

Visionics Corporation has received new orders for five FingerPrinter CMS live scan systems at airports across the United States.
With these latest orders, a total of forty airports to date have adopted Visionics live scan systems to aid in complying with the latest federal mandates for employee fingerprint background checks. Installation on all these orders is expected to be complete by the end of the month.

Dr. Joseph J. Atick, chairman and CEO of Visionics Corporation stated, ?gAs we stated earlier, fingerprint background checks are but one important component of the overall security package that the airport community must adopt and these latest live scan orders are a testament to the continued momentum in penetrating the air travel market. Having a unique capability to offer a broad range of biometric solutions, we are working hard to lay the foundation today for what will become a comprehensive security solution of tomorrow`s airports.?h

Visionics FingerPrinter CMS is an integrated live-scan management system that captures, prints and transmits fingerprints electronically. The system captures fingerprints of applicants and transmits the images to the Office of Personnel Management which then submits the image for search against the FBI`s IAFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System) database.