Sabre Merchant Pay Released

Sabre Holdings Corporation has announced the national release of Sabre Merchant Pay, an integrated, end-to-end merchant payment processing product and service.

Developed through an exclusive partnership with QSI Payments, a world leader in providing global payment solutions, Sabre Merchant Pay utilizes QSI Payments` unique technology to enable financial institutions and their respective customers to securely authenticate, authorize and process payments through the Sabre GDS.
The subscription-based service should benefit U.S.-based Sabre Connected travel agents in several ways. They will now be able to:

1. Reduce their operating costs by 15 - 20 percent

2. Maximize the efficiency of their business with online reporting and reconciliation

3. Minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions

4. Streamline the payment process

George Wozniak, president of Hobbit Travel stated: “Based on our analysis, we have calculated that Sabre Merchant Pay will reduce our annual Visa and MasterCard acceptance costs by nearly 20 percent…Additionally, it will enable us to re-assign personnel to more revenue producing functions and further improve our bottom-line.”
“During the beta test we found that Sabre Merchant Pay helped us to become more efficient by streamlining the processing of our merchant payments and improving our cash flow,” said John Henry, CTO of Robustelli World Travel. “We view this product as a viable alternative to current programs offered by other organizations in the market.”

Sabre Merchant Pay is an innovative solution designed to help Sabre Connected travel agencies and airlines effectively manage their business and better service their customers. Tom Klein, president Emerging Business and Airline Reservations for Sabre stated “With more than $75 billion in travel sales that flow through the Sabre system, we are able to harness the power of that information and combine it with QSI`s expertise. We believe this combination offers a real advantage over other products in the market today.”