NetNearU Launches Public Wireless Internet Access Points at HITEC 2001

High-speed wireless demonstration units, featuring the 802.11b wireless standard, will be available to test in the NetNearU booth (#773) at HITEC 2001 in Orlando.
NetNearU will introduce its new wireless public Internet access point product at HITEC 2001, the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Trade Show, in Orlando June 26-28.
NetNearU`s wireless Internet access point enables entrepreneurs to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to business travelers, truckers, and other customers on a pay-per-use or subscription basis. This product will allow hotel chains, airline clubs, hospitals, airports, convenience stores, coffee shops and other property owners to offer wireless Internet services cost-effectively to their customers.
NetNearU`s public wireless Internet access points create a wireless local area network (WLAN) that can be installed in any location using high-speed DSL or cable modem service. NetNearU uses the 802.11b wireless standard, also known as Wi-Fi, which can transfer data at top speeds of 11 Mbps. Multiple wireless users within range of a NetNearU access point can access the Internet with a laptop or handheld computer equipped with a wireless networking card.
Unlike other wireless Internet access points, the NetNearU wireless access point comes with management software embedded in the product and does not require a server on site. Since the software is integrated into the unit, it decreases the cost and time needed for deployment.
“NetNearU wireless access points enable anyone from the small entrepreneur to the large hotel chain to offer public wireless Internet access,” said Larry James, chairman and CEO of NetNearU. “This technology will allow our customers to provide high-speed wireless Internet access at a fraction of the cost it takes to install individual dataports. Because the wireless access points can be deployed in public areas and hallways, they can be installed quickly with minimal disruptions to the day-to-day operations of the business.”
The NetNearU wireless Internet access points incorporate NetNearU`s remote management software, TRACKOS(tm). The TRACKOS software allows the network operator a number of detailed management options, including:
* Real-time monitoring capabilities
* Remote software upgrade abilities
* End-user billing mechanism, prepaid account platform, roaming support, and account access