`Worldspan On The Web` Enhancement

Worldspan is expanding the scope of the `Worldspan On The Web` booking capability by using eTravnet.com`s REZconnect.
The enhancement will use a unique net-to-phone-to-net real time reservation system allowing Worldspan to deliver boutique and niche market products to their subscribers, significantly increasing the breadth of products available in the Worldspan system.
The beauty of REZconnect lies in its simplicity according to Michael Brent, President & CEO of eTravnet.com. “The agent goes to Worldspan`s Resource Centre, chooses the travel product, completes the required reservation information and, with the click of a mouse, propels the text information through our system which creates a telephone call to the vendor`s reservation centre,” he explains. The text message is “read” by a pre-recorded voice to the reservation agent who accepts or declines the reservation simply by pressing numbers on the keypad of the touchtone telephone. Confirmation numbers and other required information are entered by the reservation agent.
The companies` agreement includes opportunities to offer REZconnect access to tour operators as well as unique lodgings such as independent hotels, historic homes, and Bed-and-Breakfasts. The initial phase will focus on the cruise lines, which would otherwise remain unavailable in the Worldspan system.