Emirates casts online for L.A movie

To celebrate the launch of their new route direct between Dubai and the
home of movies and cinema, Los Angeles, Emirates Airline is giving people
the opportunity to star in an L.A. movie.The short movie, which is called ‘The Exposure of Tom King’, has already
been shot in L.A., but with absolutely no people in it whatsoever. The next
step in this unconventional filming process involves Emirates quest to find
the correct cast to star in the film. 

They are inviting people from all around the world to audition for a role
online, via their webcam, at the new The Exposure of Tom King website. The
site uses bluescreen technology to enable audition footage to be placed
within scenes of the movie making the new film the first movie of its kind.


Emirates Airline have enlisted the help of top Hollywood casting director
Avy Kaufman, who will be in charge of the casting to ensure the best people
are found for each of the main roles. Avy Kaufman is highly regarded within
the film industry, having been involved in the casting industry for over 20
years, and with over a hundred film credits to her name, including the
Sixth Sense, The Bourne Ultimatum, the Thomas Crown Affair and Brokeback



Visitors to the website can create their own movie trailers, watch all the
auditions for the movie so far or choose to audition for a role. The final
Emirates film will have a cast from all around the world who have never
met, but will be sharing scenes together and acting via their webcams.


Auditions will be taking place until the 26th of October with the premiere
taking place shortly afterward on the 7th November 2008.