Martins Group selects IDeaS

IDeaS has announced that Martin’s Group, consisting of seven small hotels based in Belgium, has installed IDeaS V5i On-Demand Revenue Management Solution throughout its estate.“As a growing business, we felt the need to keep up with the latest technologies in the market. This is why we have decided to move to next generation systems, upgrading our old revenue management software and choosing IDeaS’ solutions. We are sure that IDeaS’ forecasting and pricing software will help us make an immediate impact on our company-wide revenues, enabling us to make better and more profitable decisions.” said Tom Cludts, Martin’s Group Revenue Manager.

“The new revenue management system provides us the ability to ensure that the best rate is achieved for maximum revenue potential. Furthermore, thanks to IDeaS, we will be able to automate the decision-making process and better manage our distribution channels.” added Mr. Cludts.

The implementation of V5i with all its modules started at the end of 2007 and will soon be completed. In particular, two modules are key to Martin’s Group hotels: BAR (Best Available Rate), which helps make pricing decisions while incorporating competitive rate information, and Multi-Property, which allows authorised users to view data from multiple properties and benefit from roll-up reporting in user-definable property groups. The extreme functionality of V5i’s modules, together with internet deployment and user-friendly technology, are but a few factors which allowed IDeaS to win the account over the other competitors.

“The new partnership with Martin’s Hotels Group definitely strengthens our mission: as size is not the key to success within the hospitality industry, IDeaS strives to deliver world-class revenue management solutions to any hotelier, not just large but also small facilities. By working hand in hand with clients, we do our best to guarantee excellent results, turning problems into real opportunities for competitive advantage.” said Fabian Specht, IDeaS Director EAME.