Northwest claims biggest A330 fleet

Northwest Airlines has announced delivery of its 32nd Airbus A330 aircraft,
giving the airline the largest A330 fleet in the world, the youngest
international fleet of any North American airline, and the youngest
transatlantic fleet of any North American or European carrier.The
fuel-efficient A330 has significant benefits, not only for passengers
in terms of comfort, but also for the environment - major priorities
for Northwest and its employees as the airline moves forward with its
$6 billion re-fleeting program.

  Environmental Benefits

  According to Doug Steenland, president and chief executive
officer, today’s more fuel-efficient A330 fleet is also part of the
“greening of Northwest Airlines.” The A330 is much quieter and 35
percent more efficient than the DC-10 aircraft it replaces.

  Northwest is committed to reducing the environmental impact of air
travel and is already making great progress in this area. “We have
reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by an overall 25 percent between
2000 and 2006,” Steenland said. He also added that the carrier’s $6
billion fleet modernization program has allowed the airline to
significantly improve fuel efficiency since the year 2000, resulting
in annual fuel savings of 250 million gallons per year - the
equivalent of keeping more than 300,000 cars off the road annually.

  These savings are allowing Northwest to continue to grow and
expand its international operation. Since 2000, the airline has
increased transatlantic service by 12 percent while using
approximately 30 percent less fuel.


  Passenger Benefits

  Northwest’s A330s offer superior service for customers traveling
internationally on transatlantic, transpacific and inter-Asia routes,
as well as domestically between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Honolulu.
Steenland added, “for the customer experience, the A330 is a real
winner, delivering unparalleled comfort in international travel.”

  World Business Class customers traveling on the A330 enjoy an
array of features, including a 176-degree lie-flat seat with privacy
canopy, 60 inches of pitch, or space between rows, a personal laptop
power port, cycling lumbar support, a six-way adjustable headrest and
four seat-back storage pockets. The A330’s economy class seats provide
more personal space than any other economy seat in the carrier’s
fleet. In addition, customers in both cabins can enjoy the personal
on-demand, in-flight entertainment system.

  Additional Re-Fleeting Plans

  Overall, the airline’s international fleet is expected to double
in size by 2010, with a projected average growth in international
flights of 4.3 percent during that time. The airline is also investing
in a superior domestic fleet with 72 new best-in-class regional jets
in the fleet by 2008.