Dusit brand plots international expansion

Dusit is to undergo a fast expansion in new markets overseas in order to position itself as an international brand, and has consequently changed its group name to Dusit International.Having successfully launched itself in Dubai a few years ago, Dusit International is to open more properties in the Middle East, along with new hotels in India, possibly China and Australia, and in its home base of Thailand.

Dusit International Senior Vice President Octavio Gamarra said that the timing is right for the international launch, that the markets the group is entering all show immense promise, and that the Dusit brand names within the international grouping each have a firm identity.

“We are very confident that we have all the right ingredients to meet the challenges of opening properties in new markets, and in succeeding,” he said. “The timing is right, the market potential is there, and our brands fit into carefully defined sectors.”

“We had achieved prominence, prestige and respect as a diversified Thailand-based name but our growing reputation amongst overseas visitors to Thailand and our success in Dubai and Manila made us determined to face the very exciting challenges of moving further into the international arena.”

“Launching Dusit International as a brand positions us very distinctly on the world stage,” Mr Gamarra added.


With comprehensive company restructuring to place operations firmly on an international basis, and with a number of significant developments having already taken place during the course of 2007, the formal launch of Dusit International is the culmination of a lengthy period of strategic planning for the group.