bmi sells travel insurance online

Amadeus’ technology now enables bmi to sell insurance to travellers on its website in the UK, representing a new revenue stream. The airline has partnered with AIG, one of the leading insurance providers in the world.

Thanks to Amadeus technology, bmi customers are able to add a single trip or an annual multi trip insurance policy to their flight booking in a simple and quick way on the airline website without the need to input any extra information, as flight and form of payment details are automatically be extracted from the original booking.

“Through our collaboration with Amadeus, selling insurance has never been so easy - it is now just a click-of-a-button away. Our partnership with AIG ensures peace of mind to our customers who will be protected by one of the leading insurers in the world,” said Adrian Parkes, commercial director of bmi.

bmi uses the Amadeus e-Retail Engine which powers airlines’ websites, allowing its users to offer insurance solutions fully integrated into the flight booking flow. Up to three different insurance solutions can be displayed on the purchase page. On the confirmation page, there is a recap on the insurance product which has been purchased and also a link to the terms and conditions. At the end of the booking process, an email is sent after a successful insurance booking. It contains the full legal document text (terms and conditions) which acts as a proof of purchase.

Albert Pozo, Travel Services & Leisure, Amadeus said: “Thanks to Amadeus technology, bmi can now improve and streamline the process involved in selling insurance to their customers in the UK on their website - Amadeus helps airlines provide the end customer with the ultimate travel solution package which can now include insurance.”