Many Brits take work on holiday

A shocking 20 million Brits think it’s necessary to take their work on
holiday with them, a survey by has revealed.Two thirds of those questioned by the online travel company admitted to
having their holidays interrupted by work, while 80 per cent said they
worried about their work while they were abroad.

The survey also found that a third of people take their
laptops or Blackberries on holiday, while three-quarters have made or taken
a work telephone call while on holiday and 60 per cent have sent a
work-related email.

The shocking statistics are proof that today’s technological age means that
people are constantly contactable by work, whether it be by mobile, laptop
or Blackberry. is now calling for Blackberries and laptops to be banned
from the beach and for a return to holidays being an escape from the
trappings of work pressures and day to day stress.

Gareth Hockey,’s online marketing manager, said:
“Unfortunately the downside of the communication age in which we live is
that we are rarely ever truly out of contact. Even when on holiday it’s all too easy to make a work telephone call, send
an email or even take our Blackberry or laptop to the beach. Holidays should be a time of total rest and relaxation, when work and the
stress of day to day life is completely left behind.” 


“For that reason is calling for the British public to ban
their Blackberries from the beach, try to put work out of their mind and
use their holiday for fun, relaxation and an opportunity to recharge the

The campaign is being supported by The Stress Management Society which says
holidays are a vital way to combat stress.

Neil Shah, Director of The Stress Management Society, said: “The purpose of
a holiday is to remove yourself from the work environment which is often
the cause of stress and it defeats the purpose if you take that work and
that stress with you.

“We spend our lives surrounded by technology, talking on our mobile phones,
sitting in front of a computer and plugged into iPods, all of which can
cause stress.

“People should try where possible to leave their phones and computers
behind, spend a few days without electromagentic frequencies interfering
with their brains and instead trying to unwind, perhaps by lying on a
beach, walking, having a massage or swimming to de-stress.”