AirTran tops job growth survey

The US Transportation
Department has reported that AirTran Airways was the fastest growing airline in the industry
for job growth in March 2007.The airline added 700 Crew Members, a payroll
increase of 10.3 percent - the highest percentage of any of the major
airlines included in the survey.
  “AirTran Airways is proud of its ability to deliver on our promise of
creating significant numbers of new jobs and to continue to thrive in this
competitive industry,” said Joe Leonard, chairman and CEO of AirTran
Airways. “We guaranteed increased job growth, and this report presents even
more evidence that we have kept our promise.”
  On Monday, April 30, 2007, AirTran Airways set a record for the number
of new hires starting work at the airline on a single day. That day, 152
new Crew Members reported to work for company orientation and job training.
The airline’s total employment now exceeds 8,600 Crew Members.
  Less than a year ago, Leonard pledged to create 2,500 new jobs over the
next five years at the airline. Since that announcement, AirTran Airways
has already created over 1000 new jobs.