ZUJI on e-ticketing roll

ZUJI has confirmed that its issue of electronic tickets (etickets) had now surpassed 70%, based on flight bookings on ZUJI sites during Q1 2007.

This figure is up from 53% as tracked for the same ZUJI sites, for the same period, last year (Q1 2006).

Leading the trend is ZUJI’s Hong Kong business (www.zuji.com.hk), which issued more than 80% of flight tickets as etickets during Q1 2007.

Scott Blume, CEO of ZUJI commented: “The internet is an ideal medium to merchandise and issue electronic tickets, and it is an obvious fit with our online business model. With 70% of flight tickets now issued as ‘etickets’ by ZUJI, we are playing an important role in helping to drive the eticket adoption trend, and change consumer behaviour.”