Northwest boosts ticket flexibility

Northwest Airlines expanded its FlyNow option, which permits confirmed
flight changes within three hours of scheduled travel for a $25 fee,
to now include flights throughout the entire day of departure.Previously, customers wishing to confirm day of departure changes for
flights departing outside of the three hour window were assessed a
$100 change fee.

  If sufficient seats are available on the desired same-day
Northwest or Northwest Airlink-operated domestic flight, Northwest
will confirm customers traveling on non-refundable tickets for the
alternate flight or flights for the $25 FlyNow fee. Customers
traveling on refundable tickets will continue to have the ability to
confirm same-day flight changes without incurring a fee.

  “The enhanced FlyNow option offers our customers greater
flexibility to adjust their same-day travel plans as needed and the
peace of mind of knowing that their new itinerary is confirmed,” said
Tom Bach, vice president of network planning and revenue management.
“In addition, the $25 FlyNow fee is a lower priced alternative to the
$100 change fee that was previously in place to confirm most alternate
same-day flights.”

  Northwest WorldPerks Elite customers will still maintain the
ability to stand by for alternate flights throughout the entire day of
departure and will not incur a fee if a seat becomes available.
Beginning April 24, all other customers traveling on non-refundable
tickets will be charged a $25 fee for same day flight changes, whether
boarding via standby status or confirming through the FlyNow option.
The $25 fee for boarding via standby status replaces the current
option that allows non-Elite customers traveling on non-refundable
tickets to stand by for eligible flights at no cost.

  The FlyNow option is available to customers checking in on the day
of departure for flights within the continental United States, Alaska
and to or from Canada. Customers can take advantage of the FlyNow
option through or at one of more than 1,100 self-service
check-in kiosks worldwide.