Austrian looks to drop tech costs

Austrian Airlines is seeking co-operation with Lufthansa Technik in order to reduce it’s technical costs.‘In an effort to make a lasting improvement to its competitiveness and consolidate its market position, particularly at the Vienna location, Austrian Technik is to be reoriented for the future. We are striving to develop an operative and strategic cooperation with Lufthansa Technik which will provide both sides with crucial cost-benefits and access to know-how, and a forward-looking strategy for Vienna as a business location in particular. A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed with Lufthansa Technik’, explained Austrian Chief Financial Officer Thomas Kleibl.

For Austrian, the primary objectives of the planned cooperation are to successfully reduce overall technical costs, retain the Vienna location as an independent centre for technology and know-how, and redevelop joint locations. This will achieve increases in revenue and efficiency, particularly that of the maintenance and workshop division. Austrian and Lufthansa Technik have already been cooperating closely before now in their maintenance component divisions within the framework of a cooperation agreement.

‘With the new agreement, Lufthansa Technik is intensifying the years of cooperation with Austrian Technik above and beyond existing relations between the two Star Alliance partners,’ commented Dr. Thomas Stüger, Board of Management Member for Product and Service at Lufthansa Technik AG. The cooperation will be based on long-term contracts, and include no capital integration between Austrian and Lufthansa Technik. Austrian Technik is a respected and well known aircraft maintenance provider, and will retain its own independent identity.

In the next few weeks the individual cooperation points will be defined and a contract will be established. This will set the direction for a successful cooperation and secure the future of Austrian Technik.