Kayak deploys Translations software

Translations.com’s Globalization Management System (GMS) product, GlobalLink Content Director, has been deployed by Kayak to assist as the company expands into international markets.

Kayak required a solution to launch French and German versions of the website without having to dedicate additional internal IT resources and project management staff to the effort. The integrated translation workflow, server-based translation memory, and specialized content adaptors in Translations.com’s GlobalLink Content Director fit all of Kayak’s stringent business requirements.

Steve Hafner, CEO of Kayak, said, “We performed a very thorough review of the translation industry and determined that Translations.com was our ideal partner. The GlobalLink GMS software suite was the perfect fit to help us automate the management of our translation process. Additionally, Translations.com’s leadership position in the travel industry, attention to detail in the early stages of scoping the initiative, and their ability to fit the localization process around our existing workflows, were key factors in our decision.”

Phil Shawe, President and CEO of Translations.com, stated, “Kayak is one of the most cutting-edge users of technology in the travel industry. We are excited to count Kayak among our clients, and look forward to helping the company achieve their international goals and objectives.”