Travelodge rolls out online insurance

Travelodge is launching online travel insurance which will be available from £6.61 via its website: .

To support the travel insurance launch, the hotel chain conducted a study to investigate the most common risks that Brits are prepared to take on their holidays.

Going on holiday on your own

Sunbathing without sunscreen

Not locking your suitcase when travelling

Drinking water abroad

Booking a flight but not any accommodation at the other end

Going abroad without travel insurance

Trying an extreme sport such as bungee jumping or sky driving

Not having your vaccinations before going abroad

Holidaying in a politically unsettled region

Cutting time to fine with planning to get to the airport

Travelling without insurance is a risk that 28% of respondents from the study were prepared to take. The main reason given for opting out was the high cost compared to the perceived ‘low risk’ of holidaying in a foreign country.

Guy Parsons, Travelodge’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Going on holiday without travel insurance is like playing at a roulette table with your health as chips. There are many reasons why you should always be insured on your travels but fluctuating foreign medical costs means that treatment for even the most innocuous injury abroad can seriously dent your finances.”


Travelodge Travel Insurance is provided by AIG Europe and underwritten by New Hampshire Insurance Company and Landmark Insurance Company.