Copenhagen airport maintains top position

In 2006 the total number of passengers in Copenhagen Airports was 20,877 million, corresponding to an increase of 4.5 % compared with 2005.In the month of December 2006 the total number of passengers shows an increase of 1.4% compared to the same month in 2005.

Breakdown of departing passengers

The number of locally departing passengers increased by 44,342 passengers (+9.3%). The number of transfer/transit passengers decreased by 28,622 passengers (-12.0%).

International passengers

The number of scheduled international passengers increased by 14,673 passengers (+1.2%), while the number of international charter passengers increased by 1,203 (+1.6%). Consequently, the total number of international passengers increased by 11,193 passengers (+0.9%).


Domestic passengers

The total number of domestic passengers increased by 8,593 passengers (+6.5%) compared with December 2005.

Operations and take-off weight

In December 2006, the total number of take-offs and landings decreased by 608 operations (-3.2%), while the tonnage decreased by 13,699 tonnes (-2.4%) compared with December 2005.