Heathrow Express teams up with LOT

LOT Polish Airlines has added the ability to sell Heathrow Express tickets through a micro site.
David Maddison, International Airline Account Manager at Heathrow Express, said: “Heathrow Express is looking to work with all major airlines using Heathrow airport. LOT is well established but still a growing carrier and we are looking forward to developing our links with this airline. “

“Comfort and convenience of our passengers is our top priority, therefore amongst others we are currently working on adding new services on our lot.com site, including hotel booking and car rental. We want our passengers to travel comfortably and to enjoy a broad variety of services,” says Dorota Haller, Director of Marketing, Product and PR Office at LOT Polish Airlines.

The journey time on Heathrow Express is 15 minutes and trains run every 15 minutes throughout the day. The first train departs Heathrow at 05:03hrs and London at 05:10hrs. The last trains depart Heathrow and London at 23.47hrs and 23:25hrs respectively.