Dubai uses TV campaign to promote tourism

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has launched a media campaign that utilises leading Arabic TV channels to promote travel to the Emirate.The campaign will run throughout the month of December and has been designed to attract visitors from different parts of the world to Dubai, especially during the 45-day Dubai Shopping Festival (December 20- February 2, 2007) and Eid Al Adha holidays.

The selected TV channels are airing one-minute duration commercials in English and Arabic languages titled Dubai - The city of captivating contrasts.

The DTCM Director Operations and Marketing, Mr. Mohammed Khamis bin Hareb, said:

“The bilingual campaign supports the department’s ongoing initiatives across the worldwide. The visual media campaign will help reach the maximum number of people in as many countries as possible in established and emerging markets.”

The promotional drive has been timed with the festival travel season in various parts of the world.


The commercials highlight the evolution of Dubai, the developments in the emirate, variety of tourist attractions, impressive portfolio of world-class hotels and restaurants, horse racing, sporting events and heritage and cultural events. The promotion also highlights golfing and cruising in Dubai in addition to the festivals and events in the emirate.

The media campaign will help attract more visitors from the AGCC states in particular.