China Southern praised for growth stats

China Southern has been named the “world’s
fastest expanding airline” and winner of the 2006 First Class Award by Ascend.Ascend, the world’s leading provider of information and consultancy to the
global aerospace industry, reviewed the past year and assessed the numbers,
considered the news and digested the forecasts to uncover who soared the
highest in 2006.

    China Southern Airlines captured the top spot on Ascend’s winners’ rostrum. As
the world’s fastest expanding airline, China Southern Airlines has taken
delivery of more than 50 aircraft in 2006 - fully 30% more than its next
closest rival U.S. carrier Southwest Airlines.

    “China Southern Airlines’ success underscores just how rapidly the industry is
expanding in China.  The sustained growth is driving the global industry and in
taking delivery of more than 50 aircraft   this year China Southern Airlines’
growth is outstripping everyone,” said Mr. Gehan Talwatte, Managing Director,

    Additional honours went to industry stalwarts Boeing and Airbus share Ascend’s
Business Class award and second place on the podium. Boeing is recognised for
orders for the 787 and 737, and Airbus is rewarded for its expansion in China,
and orders for the A320.