interTouch upgrades billing system

interTouch is launching a new version of its gateway integrated billing and operations platform, designed to enrich the hotel guest’s user experience, and provide hoteliers with an intuitive, easily-configurable and highly-flexible web-based content and management interface.

Based on a modular structure, the new iBIS 7.0 also sychronises with the hotels’ Property Management System (PMS) and remains stable and robust even as hotel volumes increase, thus making it easy for future interTouch solutions to be integrated and deployed within the hotel.

Designed with the business travellers’ needs in mind, the iBIS 7.0 continues to make it simple for hotel guests to get connected, switch between wired and wireless connections while roaming around the hotel, and purchase more usage credit when needed. The new release also operates on the concept of plug-and-play, ensuring hassle-free access online and offline. An enhanced guest portal that supports media-rich graphics, real-time information feeds, access to free sites and customised information, and a personalised welcome message all contribute to an exceptional guest experience. Hotel guests also get a wider range of billing plans that fit their budgets and needs as iBIS 7.0 provides a selection of pricing options.

For business hotels, Internet services are not a mere amenity, they are mission-critical to guests.  The system’s flexible customisation capabilities allow hotels to incorporate their brand identity into as well as promote their F&B and other offers on the guest portal. New functions have been added into iBIS 7.0 to help hotels better manage and maintain all back-end functions and processes, whilst easing the workload for management reporting and maintenance tasks, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. With this new release, hotels are provided access to specific functional controls such as report generation, group billing for conferences, setting up of corporate rate codes, port access control for business centres and meeting rooms, as well as managing current users logged on to the network.

InterTouch Chief Executive Officer, Charles Reed says the new and improved iBIS 7.0 will provide the best travel experience possible to business travelers. “Today’s discerning business travelers expect high standards of Internet services to be available in the comfort of their rooms. With iBIS 7.0, hotel guests will now find total ease and convenience in getting connected on a high-speed and secure network that delivers a top-notch, hassle-free Internet surfing experience,” he said.


“As a sign of our commitment to providing trusted broadband connectivity services that integrates seamlessly with hotels’ Property Management Systems, we have once again improved our core platform so that managing Internet services within a hotel will be a breeze. Staff assigned to manage Internet services will be able to acquire the skills to operate iBIS 7.0 in no time.”  Therefore, not only will iBIS 7.0 encourage repeat business and guest loyalty, but its enhanced and intuitive graphical user interface will also eliminate hassles for hotel staff.

The system is currently deployed as a pilot installation at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur, a long-time interTouch hotel.  Expressing great satisfaction with iBIS 7.0 is Mr. Teow Khim Tong, Regional Information Systems Manager who states, “the billing plans provide great flexibility, the guest portal is well organized and has pleasing aesthetics, and the improved features such as ability to e-mail reports in various formats are very useful.  The administration and back-end functions, being modular and menu-driven, reduce the learning curve for staff, making this system extremely user-friendly.  Seamless mobility from wired to wireless access gives our guests the freedom to roam and work anywhere in the hotel.  We are very pleased to have been chosen as the pilot site and very satisfied with the performance of iBIS 7.0.”

iBIS 7.0 is part of interTouch’s ongoing commitment to deliver enhanced, secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage broadband connectivity to meet the needs of business travelers and will be rolled out commercially to other sites before the end of the year.