reports October boom

Online reservation service has reported a new booking record in

With a total number of 272,300 room nights and a booking volume of 24.1
million, the month of October significantly exceeded September by 16.3 percent.
In comparison to October 2005, this means an increase of 67.2 percent.
Dr. Heinz Raufer, chief executive officer, revealed that both bookings
of business and private customers contributed in the strong growth. According
to the company, focuses on the increasing market of online hotel
reservations done by business customers.
According the company: “Within this sector has been able to win numerous new booking customers for its services. Furthermore the strong increase of’s brand
awareness within the last few months has had a positive influence on the
business activity.” 
“’s international sales have been developing most gratifyingly too.
Especially bookings done in Great Britain - generated via its international
subsidiary TravelRes - exceed the management’s expectations,” it added.
The 6,450 room nights booked in October 2006 by British customers made’s U.K. business triple within the course of a year. Compared to
September 2006 there was an increase of 32.6 percent.
“In comparison to our start in Germany five years ago, the market entry in
Great Britain has turned out easier so far. This shows how important and
precious our yet established, worldwide hotel content is. But also our other
strengths such as service and IT-competence have been getting around in the
industry and among booking customers across the borders.”
With 12,500 room nights booked, October, 23rd was the most successful “booking
day” since the company’s foundation. Thus the number of room nights of its
formerly strongest “booking day” in September 2006 was exceeded by more than 20