Is this the YouTube for business?

The global phenomenon of internet video, with millions discovering that online viewing is as easy as turning on the TV, is delivering a wake up call to businesses and marketers here in the UK. If millions are used to watching video on the web, they are asking, why can’t we show our own videos on our website?

“You can,” says Jonathan Booth, Founder and Creative Director of The Internet Video Company, “Every business can, and should, now have its own TV channel, even if it’s just one corporate message from the MD. Your customers are now used to seeing videos on YouTube and others, so they’re going to expect to see videos on their favourite commercial sites too.”

But Booth warns that just putting your four-year-old corporate video up on a social network won’t work. “YouTube is great for amateur fun videos and virals, but for your important business messages you need to control the quality and deliverability, just like all your marketing.”

IVC’s Managing Director Guy Massey agrees and has this advice, “It’s vital that your video is professional and matches your site. If you have an existing video, check it’s bang up to date, and get it re-edited if necessary, or commission some new ones.” Massey goes on to observe that most businesses are only just learning about the amazing flexibility of internet video, “Gone are the days of one eight-minute video sent out to a few people on DVD,” he says, “Having your own online TV channel means you can show the whole world who you are and what you do, with dozens of short videos positioned around the site, like the MD’s message, Meet the Staff, How it’s Made, individual product videos, Customer Testimonials etc. This makes for a viewer-friendly collection of short, memorable videos, and with our more cost-effective production methods, Marketing Directors are finding this gives them far more bang for their buck.”

Several forward-thinking businesses, particularly in travel and retail, have seen the light. The team have created over 300 films for clients like Simply Travel, Holidaybreak plc, Meriski, Marriott and the top gifts website I Want One Of They produce a regular Internet Video News bulletin, on video of course, for the industry, playing live at . In the latest edition business leaders give their thoughts on the new medium. Richard Wainwright-Lee, MD of I Want One Of says, “To be at the forefront of retail, irrespective of what you’re selling, you have to have video.” Thompson Holiday’s Head of New Media Graham Donoghue agrees, “We’ve found that properties with video outsell properties without video by four to one.”


The closest parts of the operation to YouTube are IVC’s video portals for holidaymakers - and . These are the world’s first all-video sites for watching TV-style documentaries of individual chalets and videos for rent. These free and independent sites are becoming increasingly popular with skiers and sun worshippers.

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