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Tenerife launches new YouTube site To Entice UK Holidaymakers

Tenerife launches new YouTube site To Entice UK Holidaymakers

British travellers wishing to experience the Spanish island of Tenerife before they visit, or those wanting to savour the memories of their trip, can now do so on a new YouTube site which has been specifically created to entice first-time and returning UK holidaymakers to the island.

The series of destination videos has been specially commissioned by the Tenerife Tourism Corporation and is designed to illustrate Tenerife’s surprising diversity and focus on aspects of Tenerife that are not commonly well-known in the UK market. The newly-uploaded videos can be viewed online at:

Each video focuses on a different highlight of Tenerife, including:

* Tenerife fiestas throughout the year - information on Tenerife’s eclectic year-round events, festivals and lively celebrations.

* Tenerife, the perfect adventure - an overview of the variety of adventure experiences on the island, both overland and under the sea.


* Tenerife for the family - highlights of what makes Tenerife such a popular and impressive holiday destination for families.

* Tenerife, for all tastes - a look at the wealth of experiences for all types of travellers, from beautiful secluded beaches and mountainous areas to exciting cultural events and a lively nightlife scene.

* Tenerife, where the senses hide - a focus on Tenerife’s diverse offerings and why it makes the perfect break for those looking for rejuvenation or to live life to the fullest.

* Amazing nature in every corner - an insight into the variety, beauty and expanse of countryside that allows visitors to have a holiday in real contact with nature.

The site also encourages viewers to become friends of Tenerife and submit comments on the destination videos, as well as their experiences on the island.

This is just the latest way the Tenerife Tourism Corporation is using social media platforms to promote the island and engage with potential and returning travellers. Consumers can also find out further information, post videos and images, and ask questions on the Tenerife Facebook fan page:

“The internet is an important place to research travel, so we are keen to ensure that Tenerife’s voice is heard on social media platforms,” comments Jose Manuel Bermudez, Vice-President of the Tenerife Island Government and Councillor for Tourism. “Social media presents us with the perfect opportunity to reach potential holidaymakers and engage in dialogue with those who know our island and those who may not. With wide amounts of open spaces, mountainous areas - including Spain’s tallest peak - as well as beautiful beaches, many national parks that make up almost half of the island’s area, a vibrant cultural arts scene and a whole host of exciting events and activities for all ages, we want to highlight Tenerife’s beauty and show exactly what it has to offer as a destination for all types of travellers.”