Worldspan makes Caribbean debut

Worldspan e-Pricing is making its debut in the Caribbean, offering customers the same advanced fare shopping and booking tools that are in use by the majority of the world’s largest travel Web sites.The solution is immediately available to Worldspan travel agency, airline and e-commerce customers throughout the Caribbean. In an aggressive rollout schedule, e-Pricing has been introduced this year to Worldspan customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

“With e-Pricing, Worldspan customers can use the most advance d and flexible shopping tools to deliver the abundant choices travellers expect from travel technology today,”
said Alejandra Alvizua, director for Sales and Services - Latin America and Caribbean for Worldspan.

E-Pricing is offered at three tier levels. As levels graduate, so do the itinerary options returned in a single search, along with the variety of Flex Shopping Options:

. The Standard Tier delivers up to 20 low-fare itinerary options in one search and offers access to Flex One-Day shopping, a tool that lets travel buyers retrieve lower fares by searching one day before and one day after original departure and return dates.

. The Mid-Level Tier delivers up to 32 low-fare options in one search and access to three Flex Shopping Options: Flex One-Day; Flex Airports (searches up to three alternate airports defined by the user for the origin and/or destination); and Flex O&D (searches up to three alternate airports in a 160-kilometre radiu s of the origin or destination).


. The Premium Tier delivers up to 100 low-fare options and access to the full suite of Flex Shopping Options: Flex One-Day; Flex Airports (searches up to six alternate airports defined by the user for the origin and/or destination); Flex O&D (searches up to six alternates airports in a 160-kilometre radius of the origin or destination); Flex More-Days (expands searches by one, two or three days before and/or after the original departure and return dates); and Flex Weekend (searches Thursday, Friday and Saturday departures with Sunday, Monday and Tuesday returns for the whole month of travel).

Substantially More Shopping Power: The e-Pricing platform broadens the already renowned capabilities of Worldspan Power ShopperSM. The advanced e-Pricing server complex has the capacity to deliver substantially more low-fare results. For example, e-Pricing searches millions of fares instead of the hundreds of thousands of fares shopped by P ower Product technology in the previous mainframe environment. E-Pricing also
searches tens of thousands of itineraries, compared to just thousands, and analyzes
hundreds of best available trips, rather than dozens. Also, the default number of itinerary options returned at the Standard Tier has doubled compared to Worldspan Power Shopper, returning up to 20 low-fare options instead of just 10.

The e-Pricing server complex has processed in excess of 6.3 billion transactions since its inception. Today, more than 90 percent of all fare shopping traffic through Worldspan is processed on the e-Pricing platform. E-Pricing was the GDS industry’s first multi-server-based shopping technology and was also first to introduce flexible shopping options through a GDS.

Worldspan has also been nominated as World’s Leading CRS/ GDS system at this year’s World Travel Awards.