Haven & British Holidays sees green

Bourne Leisure has introduced Green Team Awards to reward staff members who have made outstanding contributions in making their Haven and British Holidays Parks more environmentally friendly operations.

To date, Haven and British Holidays has won an impressive 31 Gold David Bellamy awards recognising its commitment to sound environmental initiatives.

The Green Team Awards are given for success in areas such as reduced waste disposal and energy consumption, water conservation, protecting wildlife and working together with the community on local environmental projects.

Haven and British Holiday Parks across the UK that have been involved in community projects with an environmental focus include Devon Cliffs, for its involvement in seal rescue at Sandy Bay; Hafan y Mor, for organising gardening sessions for caravan owners and park guests held in the newly created Wildlife Community Garden; Craig Tara, which has designated conservation areas within the park and established an energy saving committee; and Perran Sands for its efforts in water conservation.

Colin Wilson, Head of Agency Sales at Bourne Leisure comments: “Responsible tourism       is becoming an increasingly important issue and it is therefore important that tourism suppliers focus on ways to help save the environment. At Bourne Leisure we are addressing these concerns by implementing strategies across our Parks to reduce impact on the environment and encouraging staff members to think green and rewarding them for their efforts at doing this.”