Air Botswana moves to privatisation

The privatisation of Air Botswana is on course for a successful conclusion
in September 2006, with eight prospective strategic partners currently
being considered by the Government of Botswana.All bidders are required to meet the government’s strategic objective of
having a robust, reliable and safe air transport service to meet the
growing demand by the tourism sector, the business community and the public
in general.

Air Botswana currently operates four southern African route plus three
domestic routes, carrying 150 000 passengers a year, which is approximately
38% of total air travelers in Botswana. The airline generates annual
revenues in excess of $20-million.

Head of Sales at Flight Directors (UK GSA for Air Botswana), Vikki Joyce
said ” We are enjoying spectacular growth in passengers from the UK - with
many of the best safari operators now using our services. With the
privatisation will come new aircraft, new routes and new opportunities,
we’re looking forward to 2007 with a renewed sense of purpose”

Air Botswana will be participating this years World Travel Market.