Holiday nightmare survey released

In the week two ex-wives won massive divorce settlements in the courts,
a whopping 41% of parents said having to take a former partner on a
family holiday was the worst possible scenario.

Next worse holiday partners are grandparents, according to the survey
by family travel experts

Over 26% said taking the grandparents away with them puts pressure on
what is meant to be a relaxing break.

Lucy Ace, managing director of said: ‘With more and
more parents sadly getting divorced, this survey shows the pressures
modern families are under when they go on holiday.

‘And while kids may like nana and grandad tagging along, parents seem
to be less keen.’


In the survey of over 750 parents, 17% said they hated having to take
their kids’ friends with them.

While parents would rather go away with their partner than have to take
their kids.

10% of parents who took part in the survey said having to take kids
away with them was a hassle they’d rather avoid.

While just 6% gave their current partner the thumbs down.

Lucy Ace added: ‘Not surprisingly parents fancy a romantic break with
their partner with the kids safely tucked up with friends or relations.

‘But if parents are genuinely struggling to go on holiday with kids,
then our website and others like it are there to help.’