Crashed A320 black boxes given to Airbus

When recovered from the Black Sea bottom, the cockpit voice and flight data recorders from the crashed A-320 liner of the Armenian air carrier Armavia will be handed over to the bureau of investigation of the aircraft-building concern Airbus, the owner of the company that operated the lost plane, Mikhail Bagdasarov, has told the media. The voice and flight data recorders have special codes known only to Airbus specialists, Bagdasarov said. There is a possibility Russian and Armenian experts will be invited to participate in retrieving and interpreting flight data.

The crew of the Armenian liner was a well-trained one, the plane itself was in normal technical condition and it had enough fuel, the air carrier’s owner said.

“True, the weather in the area of Sochi’s Adler airport was bad, but not so bad to prevent an Airbus plane from landing safely,” Bagdasarov said.

Representatives of the British insurance company are arriving in Yerevan later on Tuesday.

“We have been conducting negotiations with them. It looks like the insurer is prepared to pay compensations to the relatives of all 113 victims of the disaster,” Bagdasarov said.