Airbus enjoying KDS solution

KDS have revealed that significant benefits were delivered to Airbus as the company sought to optimise control of its global travel spend through the introduction of an online reservation solution.  KDS also announced it will participate in a joint webinar with Airbus on Tuesday, May 30th.  The event is designed to help share best practices among corporate travel managers.

Airbus launched its KDS Corporate self booking tool in October of 2005 and estimates annual cost savings of six figures and expects to achieve a return on its investment within a year of the launch of the KDS tool.  Airbus has reached a near perfect adoption rate in the first year alone.

The KDS solution has also helped Airbus significantly drive bookings to the company’s charter flights, which has contributed to a substantial reduction in average ticket prices. The vast majority of Airbus’s travel is intra-European and on these routes alone the company estimates it has achieved considerable savings.

Airbus, well known for its innovation such as the new Airbus A380 has strived to be equally innovative in its online booking tool and travel technology. As such, KDS plays an integral part in the objective to be innovative in every part of our business.

“Airbus made a commitment to bringing in a comprehensive self booking tool to better serve its employees, maximise productivity and save costs.  We worked very closely with Airbus in customising and implementing the KDS booking solution,” said Yves Weisselberger, KDS CEO.  “The webinar event is an excellent opportunity to hear directly from company about the impact KDS Corporate is having in Airbus’ efforts to optimise its global travel spend.”