TRUST, EasyRMS form interface

TRUST Internationalis forming a partnerships with EasyRMS, the revenue management system (RMS) provider. The partnership sees the introduction of an interface between EasyRMS’s EzRMS? solution and TRUST’s Voyager CRS (central reservations system), which will enable Voyager clients to automate the distribution of booking restrictions (hurdle rates) directly from the RMS to the Voyager CRS in a more efficient manner.

The EzRMS? - Voyager interface, will remove the need for the traditional manual replication of information between CRS and RMS thereby saving hotel groups significant amounts of time, money and manpower and ensuring all distribution channels are as up to date as possible.

“The new Voyager CRS interface with EzRMS? allows our joint hotel partners to optimize their entire distribution process with the automation of Sales Recommendations being fed directly from the Revenue Management application to the Voyager CRS database - providing a win-win situation for all parties concerned and an efficient way to improve and facilitate data management within the hotel.” says Paul Margaillan, Co-Founder & Managing Director of EasyRMS.

“We were delighted to be able to introduce the new interface between Voyager CRS and EzRMS?.  Voyager CRS has provided this type of seamless interface for other Revenue and Property Management Systems to help our hotel customers to simplify the data maintenance process and to help them increase their productivity and profitability.” says Richard Wiegmann, COO TRUST.WIZCOM. “It underlines our leading position in terms of automated connections to key RMS and PMS providers. We are continually developing these interfaces and will be adding more in the near future, as we help our customers to save time, money and resources when distributing their content via Voyager CRS.”