Grand Hotel Europe goes Wi-Fi

The Grand Hotel Europe, in collaboration with Peterstar and Cisco Systems, is launching Wi-Fi. 

High-speed Internet access and Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the guest rooms, lobby, restaurants and other public areas of the hotel enable guests to work at their convenience in a relaxed environment.

The Wi-Fi network in the Grand Hotel Europe consists of 47 Cisco Aironet 1200 series access points capable of operating at both 802.11b and g standards, which helps provide wireless with security features to support mobility services for guests. Together with Barsum billing system the whole solution will offer the largest and the most modern service for Wi-Fi guest access in the region.

“Due to historic nature of the building it was a challenge to deploy the latest and highest quality technology without affecting the design of hotel interiors. However, it became an integral part of the ongoing large-scale renovation of the hotel. The Internet link is based on a high-speed 10 Mbps optical connection. The system is owned and managed by the Grand Hotel Europe, unlike most other hotels who rely on outsourced solutions,” said Marco Correia, Orient Express Hotels Regional IT Manager.