Maxjet sponsors transatlantic rowing team

Team Hesco, the British Army Commandos who will make an attempt at the Atlantic Ocean rowing record this summer, have a comfortable flying start to their campaign - courtesy of MAXjet Airways. MAXjet, the affordable, all-business-class airline, will fly the four crew members and their support team from London to New York in late May so they can prepare for the start of the race on June 10.

Since the death of a team member’s son from meningitis three years ago, the team has raised more than £50,000 for the Meningitis Trust and expects to top £100,000 once the challenge is complete.

MAXjet CEO Gary Rogliano said, ‘It is admirable that these four brave men hope to complete the 3,318 mile journey in fewer than 55 days to raise funds for the Meningitis Trust charity. It is an extraordinary feat; over the same period of time, our aircraft will cross the Atlantic Ocean 149 times, potentially carrying over 15,000 passengers.’

‘We wish them the best of luck at breaking the record,’ continued Rogliano, ‘and look forward to seeing them arrive safely in Falmouth, UK sometime in late July or early August.’

During the Shepherds Ocean Fours Race, Team Hesco will compete against four other teams to be the first team to row across the Atlantic Ocean from the US mainland to the UK mainland. Previous attempts either failed mid-ocean or made it only as far as the Scilly Isles.