JetBlue gets travel marketing award

The U.S. Association of Travel Marketing Executives (ATME) will present its Lifetime Achievement award to David Neeleman, chairman and founder of JetBlue Airways at its conference in May. Theme of Innovation and Annual Atlas Awards Presentation to Highlight the 2006 Las Vegas Travel Marketing Conference, May 22-24

Top travel industry executives will explore the keys to successful innovation during the ATME 26th annual conference, May 22-24 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Through 26 years of presenting the Travel Marketing conference, we have seen the marketing trends evolve with the importance of brand differentiation among competitors taking the forefront now more than ever,” said Gary Sain, chairman of ATME’s board of directors. “For this year’s conference, we have gathered top executives from some of the most influential travel companies in the world, providing a forum for the broad discussion of innovation and how it affects the industry today and in the future.”

Marketing experts from the travel industry’s most successful brands will be on hand to discuss the best strategies to recognize and harness innovative marketing initiatives. Speakers’ presentations focus on timely issues, including:

— Innovative Customer Acquisition
— Innovative Ways to Use the Power of Partnerships and Alliances
— Innovative Ways to Use PR in your Marketing Mix
— CMOs in Travel on Innovation
— Non Travel Industry CMOs Discuss Their Experience and Strategies
The three-day conference featuring timely presentations and industry case studies is capped off with the annual Atlas Awards, presented May 23, honoring top executives and companies in the industry for innovation, creativity and success. The awards ceremony is highlighted by the presentation of the 2006 ATME Lifetime Achievement Award given to an individual who has consistently distinguished him/herself as a travel marketer and has advanced the travel industry worldwide.


This year’s lifetime achievement award honoree David Neeleman stands as a shining example of the importance of innovation in the rapidly changing travel industry. His achievements have paved the way to success for some of the most recognized and accomplished products and services in the field of travel.